Manufacturer uses RFID to improve logistical processes

With RFID, manufacturer Walter Knoll has improved overall operations.
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Walter Knoll, an international manufacturer of upholstery and office furniture, has teamed with Motorola Solutions to deploy an RFID solution in combination with the rugged Psion Workabout Pro 3 handheld computers to manage its inventory more efficiently.

Monitoring warehouse and inventory with RFID has streamlined processes.

The furniture maker utilizes RFID to streamline logistics, using the handheld computers as reading devices on items of furniture. The system not only monitors the condition of the furniture items but also where it is currently located – in the warehouse, in the outgoing goods area or at a customers’ premise.

With the Motorola solution in place, the RFID system will enable Walter Knoll to reduce the number of tasks formerly carried out by hand. It will also eliminate redundant information, because an RFID gate now automatically reconciles delivery notes with the actual goods shipped.

This solution makes it possible to automatically identify items and determine when they left the warehouse. It reduces the amount of manual effort involved in managing furniture and locating specific pieces of furniture, while simplifying the logistics processes and expediting inventory-taking.



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